Monday, May 20, 2019

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

B is for Butterfly and a Pizza Stand!

This week we have been learning about butterflies and the letter B!  We learned about the life cycle of a butterfly.  We even acted it out in the gym.  We made our bodies into little balls to be eggs, then we crawled like caterpillars, then we stood up and held our arms up like hanging cocoons, then we ran around the gym and floated like butterflies.  We practiced our cutting skills to put the life cycle of a butterfly in order.  We practiced our sorting of big B and little b on our smart board.  We also practiced the life cycle of a butterfly on our Smart Board with a game.  We even were able to observe real caterpillars and cocoons in the PreK4 Classroom.

This week we also had a Pizza Stand added to our Dramatic Play area.  The kids had a great time pretending to work at and visit the pizza stand.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Teddy Bear Tea Party

We had such a fun time at our Teddy Bear Tea Party.  We joined with the PreK4 and the Kindergarten and had a fun celebration.  We listened to stories, made teddy bear masks, and danced.  We had our "tea" of apple juice and water and our Teddy Graham cookie snacks.  We brought our own Teddy or stuffed friend from home to join in with our school celebration.  All of our stuffed friends loved visiting St. James School! 

Friday, May 3, 2019

D is for Dinosaur

This week we had fun with dinosaurs!  We played with lots of different sizes of dinosaurs.  We used blocks to create areas for the dinosaurs to live and towers for them to smash!  We used our growing center beans for a place to play with dinosaurs and bury the dinosaurs in the beans.  We danced and stomped like dinosaurs.  We used play doh to make dinosaur foot prints!  What fun we had!

This week we also used shape blocks this week to practice our STREAM building skills and created flowers!  We enjoyed some gross motor practice with running and catching and chasing balloons in the gym!